Storm Front Sunset II

Storm Front Sunset II

Nervous about the approaching storm, I almost missed this incredible shot. Continue reading

Breaking Through the Clouds

April 17, 2013: The morning started like most others. As usual, it was dark when I arrived at my shooting location. I waited for the sunrise, noticing it took longer than usual. Oh well, I thought, it’s going to be another cloudy morning with little or no color. As the sky overhead began to lighten, I could see a huge thick cloud bank in the eastern horizon – positioned exactly where the sun would appear.

I began to collect my gear while thinking about other shooting opportunities. Maybe the deer are out grazing – or maybe I can get some shots of the ducks landing in the cove to my right. No, I decided. It is too dark for my lens to capture any action shots. Let’s shoot some shots from different locations here on the point. The heavy cloud bank is mostly concentrated in the one area to the east. There’s a great view looking south towards Mt. Juliet, but no color. I fire off a few shots just for the record.

I checked the time on my cell phone – 6:11. Sunrise time according to my handy dandy cell phone app. And that cloud bank is so think – I guess I’ll pack up and go. I have lots to do back at the office and I learned early that it is pointless to stay when there is such a thick cloud coverage. But wait. There’s a bit of color but the cloud bank is in the way. Should I stay or go? That’s always the question.

The clouds overhead are gone – let’s give it a few more minutes, finish my coffee and then head back home.

6:20: More color showing now. And the sun rays shooting across the sky are awesome. Now if that cloud bank would thin out a bit more.

6:33: There it is!, what an awesome sight as the sun breaks through the clouds. I hope you agree that it was well worth the wait to capture this shot.

You may purchase this print at Fine Arts America. This link opens in a new window.